In an opinion essay, students have presented the task of writing their opinions about particular issues, and such views must be corroborated with relevant examples and explanations.

As you start to write your opinion essay, make sure that you have evaluated the topic, requirements, and definition of key terms. It is also essential to prepare your facts and explanations before writing.

We have a guide here to help you in writing your opinion paper like an expert. Let’s get started first on the basics.

What is the Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a form of writing that presents a question and gives room for the writer to share his or her opinions on the subject matter. It is expected that students show their points of view in a clear and precise manner, and also with reasonable logic, facts, figures, and explanations.

Which Kind of Student Writes an Opinion Essay?

English proficiency tests, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), evaluate non-native English-speaking students on opinion essays both at the high school and college levels.

This test aims to test and enable students on the use of the English Language, especially as it has to do with writing.

Requirements of an Opinion Essay

Avoid Distraction Away from Topic: It is essential to stick to the main idea or topic of writing. That is, avoid beating around the bush so your grades won’t suffer.

Paragraph Indentation: Just as it is with writing academic papers, obey the rule of indenting your first line of introduction at every paragraph.

Formal Language: Sometimes, it is okay to bring in some informal writing. However, ensure that you write professionally with standard words or hire a writing professional to write my paper for me online. Some of them are transition words like: ‘However’ and ‘Furthermore.’

First Person Language: Since opinion essays are personal views and thought about subject matters, it is acceptable to write using the first-person voice.

Opinion Essay Topics

As you plan to delve into writing, it is essential to choose from a range of available opinion essay topics. Choosing helps you to find a subject that genuinely interests you and which you are passionate about. Writing from a well of interest makes your essay attractive, effective, and well-organized.

Opinion Essay Structure

One of the challenges students experience in writing opinion essays is the format of their write-ups. All beginners should check the structure below to have a revision of what their paper must look like before writing.

A typical opinion essay has the following structure:

Introduction: Your introduction should address the subject matter from a broad sense of view. You can also reference a famous opening speech by an author.

Thesis: It should include 1–2 sentences highlighting a background description of your opinion and a sentence that introduces your opening body paragraph.

Body Paragraphs: These paragraphs support your argument, give facts and figures, and explain your opinion.

Conclusion: It is the summary of your entire opinion paper.


The opinion essay gets interesting as you understand the structure better. It explains the structure in detail.