40 Outstanding Synthesis Essay Topics to Write About

You are not alone if you have trouble finding a good topic for your synthesis essay. It is difficult to know where to start, especially if it is your first time.

This article will help you learn how to answer synthesis essay questions and provide various topics for synthesis essays.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a type of academic writing that combines information from multiple sources. It is also known as an analysis paper or comparison and contrast essay because it presents an argument based on research.

How to write a synthesis essay

Writing a synthesis essay involves reading and analyzing relevant material, researching other sources, and then organizing your ideas based on the information gathered from these sources into cohesive paragraphs that clearly state your position on the topic at hand.

When writing, the introduction should set the tone for your entire essay. It is where you introduce the topic you will be writing about in the essay. As such, it should provide enough information for readers to understand your essay’s objective and thesis statement.

The next step in your writing process is your body. This includes your main ideas and themes. It is important for each paragraph’s body to contain just one theme or main point; this way, your readers can clearly understand your points.

The final step is your conclusion. This should include a summary of your points and a closing sentence.

How to title a synthesis essay

The title of your synthesis essay should be short and catchy. To hook your readers, it should be relevant and informative. However, it should not be too broad or too narrow.

One of the best ways to write a great essay is to have a title that is specific—it needs to tell readers exactly what they should expect before they even start reading. You can use descriptive words or phrases like “How do…,” “What is…,” etc.

Topics for synthesis essay

Below are some of the most interesting synthesis essay topics for your college or high school assignment.

Best topics for a synthesis essay

  1. Books vs. movies: what is better?
  2. The cons of lowering the drinking age to 18
  3. Understanding the endless possibilities of organ transplants
  4. Is child adoption an alternative to abortion?
  5. What are the effects of violent computer games on people?
  6. Is the world ruled by money?
  7. How do we form our first impressions? (What is the role of past experience?)
  8. What makes celebrities so popular?
  9. How does poverty affect education? (Or vice versa)
  10. What is the futuristic impact of cloning on humanity?
  11. Understanding technology’s influence on contemporary art
  12. Should vaccinations be mandatory for all schoolchildren?
  13. Ozone depletion and other negative effects of global warming: evaluating the possible solutions to stop pollution

Fresh synthesis essay prompt ideas

  1. Analyzing the benefits of online dating
  2. Differences between online and offline friends
  3. How can the problems of immigration in the US be reduced?
  4. What are the benefits of hobbies for students?
  5. Are there pros and cons to wearing school uniforms?
  6. How to reduce the carbon footprint in your community
  7. Examining the effects of Facebook
  8. Alcohol prohibition in college
  9. Effects of natural disasters on our lives and communities

Good synthesis essay topics

  1. What is media bias?
  2. Reality television: a menace to society?
  3. Online judgment: evaluating the court of Facebook
  4. Is fine art better taught in public schools than in private schools?
  5. Should parents be blamed for childhood obesity?
  6. Evaluating gender norms in sports
  7. Analyzing ethical eating and the meat production industry
  8. Understanding the role of the teacher
  9. Various techniques for the special education of physically challenged individuals

Interesting topics for a synthesis essay

  1. How do politicians use logic and emotion to support their arguments?
  2. Is the death penalty unnecessary in America?
  3. The 1800s: comparing feminine perspectives in a patriarchal society
  4. Why should high school students be required to take at least one year of a foreign language as part of their coursework?
  5. Pros and cons of bilingual education
  6. Understanding the various challenges faced by immigrants when they arrive in America
  7. The statistical effect of global warming
  8. Should standardized testing be eliminated for high school students?
  9. How can low-income families get out of poverty?


Synthesizing ideas from different texts can indeed be challenging because there are so many ways that these texts could come together; however, good synthesis essay topic ideas are a great way to demonstrate your understanding of multiple sources. They can be instrumental if you have limited time because they allow you to synthesize multiple pieces of information into one cohesive piece of writing.

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