Over 35 Persuasive Essay Topics

When asked to write a persuasive essay, what you do is to make a quality argument. You have to pick a topic, pick a side within the expression of the topic, and then give quality reasons why you’re correct. The aim is to convince your readers as to why your argument is right.

What this process means is that you’ll need to read widely about the topic in search of facts to support your convictions. In explicit terms, you’ll have to pick an interesting topic and can excitingly present it to readers as you try to carry them along in your writing.

The chances are that your supervisor or instructor has determined what your essay should follow. However, you’ll still have to choose a topic. This stage is where many find challenging.

But, the problem becomes minimal when you have access to various types of topics. Therefore, let’s see some persuasive essay topics and under which group they fall.

Suggested Persuasive Essay Topics

You can classify persuasive essay topics. This section aims to show you some of the groups and then suggest some topics under each group.

  1. Educational Persuasive Essay Topics
    • Should school cafeterias offer soda?
    • Should abstinence-only education be the focus of school teachings?
    • Is there a need for all students to go to college?
    • Which is more effective, online, or homeschool?
    • Should the standardized test be the determinant for moving to another grade?
    • Should college education be made free?
    • Should all students be mandated to participate in sports/arts
  2. Political persuasive essay topics
    • Should protester have the right to block traffic?
    • Should protests be allowed? Does it pose a threat to public safety?
    • Should voting be mandated?
    • Should same-sex marriage be made legal?
    • What is the role of protecting religious liberties in society?
    • Why has the country be politically divided, and can it be fixed?
    • Should minors have a say by vote?
    • What more can be done to combat global warming?
  3. Legal and Crime Persuasive Essay Topic
    • Should guns be allowed for self-defense?
    • Do we have the right to privacy?
    • Should marijuana be legalized for recreational purposes?
    • What do you think about guns allowed in our colleges?
    • Do you think marijuana in the medical drug could lead some users to heard drugs?
    • Is the death sentence acceptable?
    • Should self-driving cars be generally accepted?
    • Can criminals be genuinely rehabilitated?
    • Should gun laws be more restrictive?
  4. Health Persuasive Essay Topics
    • Should healthcare be universally implemented?
    • Should women continue to have maternity leave?
    • Should men get paternity leave from work?
    • Should the high tax be on fast food?
    • What should the government’s role be toward soldiers returning from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
    • Should tight regulation be on vitamins and supplements?
    • Should health insurance companies provide more financial incentives for subscribers?
    • Should restaurants be mandated to display nutrition facts about menu items?
  5. Women and Gender Persuasive Essay Topics
    • What should be done about the concept of women’s “second shift”?
    • Is gender a socially constructed norm?
    • Are beauty pageants anti-feminist and shouldn’t be televised?
    • Should there also be men’s rights advocacy groups?
    • Should the new wave feminism idea be accommodated?

Final Words

There are many things to argue about, and they can form the basis of your persuasive essay writing. While we have suggested some, you can also come up with new ideas and topics. The general idea is to be creative and present a quality persuasive essay paper.


20 Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics

When you are to write an argumentative essay, what you are required to do is choose a topic and pick a position on either side of the divide. You’ll need to read the topic widely because you’ll need to support your viewpoint with facts.

However, that’s not generally the hardest part of writing an argumentative topic. The hardest part is usually choosing a topic. But, there are several topics available online nowadays.

How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topics

For an argumentative essay, you do not have to know everything about a topic to choose it. Having a little idea about it is enough. One exciting aspect of choosing an argumentative essay topic is that it offers you the opportunity to learn something new.

You also do not have to agree with the topic you choose. Sometimes, you might agree with a point of view on an issue, but you are required to write about an opposing viewpoint.

In such a case, you’ll find that researching different views helps you develop a broad perspective. Therefore, in choosing a topic, look through several topics of interest and think about each one for a minute.

Ask yourself the following questions: would you enjoy researching such a topic? Do you have a firm position on the subject? Do you think anyone would think otherwise? Do you have points you would like to get across? Did the topic give you something new to consider? When you answer these questions, you’ll decide on the right topic to choose from.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Let’s present you some argumentative topics. Some of these topics are controversial, but that’s precisely the point of an argumentative essay. Such controversial issues let you share your opinion and back them up with facts. Here are a few suggestions;

  1. Are humans the cause of global climate change?
  2. How effective is the death penalty?
  3. Should torture be ever acceptable?
  4. Should men get paternity leave from work?
  5. Is there any benefit to school uniforms?
  6. Is curfew effective towards keeping teens out of trouble?
  7. Are we over-dependent on computers?
  8. Should animals be an object of scientific research?
  9. Should there be a ban on cigarette smoking?
  10. Are law enforcement cameras a form of privacy invasion?
  11. Do children behave better or worse than it was years ago?
  12. Should the government invade our diet?
  13. Are professional athletes overpaid?
  14. Are violent games contributing to behavioral problems?
  15. Should English be an official language in the United States?
  16. Should the raising industry be forced to promote the use of biofuel?
  17. Should there be a decrease or increase in the alcohol drinking age?
  18. Should prisoners get the right to vote at all?
  19. Is same-sex marriage good, and should it be encouraged?
  20. Are there benefits to single-sex schools?

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, we get the best idea by looking at several options. We allow you to increase your chance of working on a great topic. We have also increased your chance of presenting an excellent argumentative essay by offering you to correct my essay online at low price. Writing professionals who are exposed to various topics will do it flawlessly for you. We hope you find them useful.