How to Practice Writing an English Essay

As part of academic fulfillment, students must write several essays to accomplish career goals. At times, most students find it rough when they have to face English essays. It can be hard to put down ideas and concepts when you haven’t practiced writing such essays. It is the goal of each student to score high in such papers. That is why this piece gives you the best guidelines for approaching the matter of writing an English essay. Read on to unleash more.

Main points to consider when writing an English essay

When undertaking essay writing tasks, you must know that such papers come with set instructions based on the topic.

Before anything else, you must understand what the essay requires you to do. If you have to give opinions, you must generate your own concepts. After all, the tutors want to evaluate your understanding of the subject and analyze your perspective.

  • Avoid using other people’s words and phrases like yours. It will be termed plagiarism, which is against every school’s rules and regulations. Only paraphrase other people’s work when the professor asks you to summarize a given piece.
  • When writing an English essay, embrace words and phrases you understand better. Avoid including complex wordings that you don’t understand their precise meaning. Your tutor doesn’t have time to keep checking the meanings of difficult words and figuring out how such words fit in your essay.
  • Again, remember that your essay must follow a given structure. Present your paper in a well-organized manner.
  • When it comes to vocabulary and grammar use, apply formal writing in English when crafting an English essay.
  • The subjects should always agree with the verbs, check spelling errors, capitalization, and punctuations
  • The sentences should be clear and to the point. Take note of passive voice. Write the English essays in the active voice.

There should be clear transitions between paragraphs.

  • The introduction of an English essay matters a lot. Pay more attention here because it introduces the reader to your paper and what they can expect as they read on. Ensure the introduction gives the reader every reason to stay glued to your writing. Otherwise, if they find a boring introduction, the reader will switch off and conclude the paper isn’t worth their time.
    Again, ensure you understand the instructions clearly. The aim is to give the teacher what they expect from you. If you write concepts that are out of the instructions, you will get poor grades no matter how good they are.
  • The main body carries strong points supporting the main topic. As you arrange the points, maintain simple sentences. Start with the most vital points that support the subject, and you explain the weaker ones at the end. The idea is to give your essay a clear flow of ideas. Give the reader all the reasons to enjoy reading your paper till the end.
  • When writing a conclusion, many students make the mistake of repeating what they wrote in the introduction. This will affect your overall grades. Imagine having a fantastic essay only to come and mess at the conclusion.
    Avoid this mistake by crafting a unique and catchy conclusion, as you relate the ideas to the main body’s points. Whatever the case, ensure your paper leaves the reader with a smile on their face. This way, you are guaranteed good scores.


Writing a good English essay can be challenging if you fail to put some considerations in mind. If you work on the tips mentioned above, you will never have trouble crafting excellent essays.

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