Tips for Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement sums up the critical point of your paper. It gets located at the endpoint of your introduction. 

Depending on your essay, the thesis statement will have a different look. You should ensure that the report clearly states the critical or main idea you’d like the reader to see. Everything that includes in your paper should get connected to the main idea. 

Constructing a thesis 

You should first craft the initial theses in the early stages of writing. Once you have decided on the topic for your essay, you should check what you want to say on it, which means that a clear thesis will give you a direction to follow and a structure to work with. 

  • Begin with a question 

You could already have a question for your paper, but try crafting your own if that is not the case. 

  • Write your first answer

After conducting some research, you can create an answer to the question. The process could be simple at this stage, and it should also guide you in writing and conducting the research. 

  • Come up with your answer

You need to know why the answer you have is the one and how you will persuade the reader to be in agreement with whatever you’re trying to relay. 

As you continue to read more about the topic and start the writing process, you should ensure that the answer you have has more details. In the final statement, you must state the position you take and summarize the essay’s overall argument. 

Tips for improving your thesis statement 

Here are some of the examples of the thesis statements that you can learn how to improve. 

  1. Argumentative thesis 

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to ensure that your test takes a strong position. The aim you have with the report is to logically persuade the reader of your work through a backup of evidence and reasoning. Here are examples of two versions of the environmental policy in the US:

The government of the United States should chip in investments in a new Green Deal. 

In the example above, the statement takes a position but does not inform the reader about the author’s status.

The United States government should actively invest in a new green deal that will uplift more Green jobs; while holding the most powerful economy globally, it can combat climate change and improve the well-being of its citizens at the same time. 

Then the protest statement states the reasoning and sums up the main points, which the author will utilize to persuade the reader about their position. 

  1. Expository thesis 

When writing an expository essay, you’ll have to provide detailed explanations and information on the fact of a process or the topic. The statement doesn’t have to have a strong opinion, but it should state the main point you want to center on your case and mention the key elements that will later explain your essay’s body. 

  1. Analytical thesis 

When writing an essay that demands you to analyze the given text, you need to ensure that the cases mention a specific element that you base your focus on and state the insight it highlights in line with the meaning text’s purpose. 

Elements of a good thesis statement 

  • Concise 

A thesis statement should be short and precise. Clearly state your point, and don’t use unnecessary words. 

  • Coherent 

Ensure that your thesis statement expresses one main idea. All the elements mentioned in the information must get support from the rest of your paper. 

  • Contentious 

Ensure that your statement required analysis or evidence to back it up. Typically, in an argumentative essay, ensure that the thesis statement you write is something that the reader might disagree with or question.

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